Revon Patient App

The Revon patient app provides patients a direct connect with their physicians, allows them to track their health and manage their conditions. It also provides patients the AI based self-triage tool, the Smart Symptom Tracker. The app is designed for ease of use and minimal disruption.



Smart Symptom Tracker for COPD – Patient Decision Support app

The Smart Symptom Tracker for COPD helps users manage their condition and make informed decisions when faced with worsening of symptoms. This app is available for use by users across the US.


Smart Symptom Tracker Rx – An investigational application for the treatment of COPD

The Smart Symptom Tracker Rx is an app designed to improve the health of COPD patients, by reducing exacerbations, among other health endpoints. This product is not available for general use and is undergoing an application process with the Food and Drug Administration, and being tested in clinical sites.


Revon Physician App

The Revon physician app is a web interface where physicians can manage their patients and study their health history. Physicians can also update health outcomes from their end which can be very valuable for researchers.



Research Coordinators Portal

CRO’s can work with the Revon system using the Research Coordinators portal to view assigned patients and study their history Additionally, RC’s can track patients through the enrollment process and also record relevant notes.


Alexa skill

The Revon skill on the Alexa store allows users to interact with the Revon Smart Symptom Tracker over their Echo devices. The skill enables users to chat with Alexa to check their symptoms and determine if they need further attention.




Our platform is integrated with multiple smart devices and frameworks including the Nonin Pulse Oximeter, Misfit Activity trackers and HealthKit.