Technology has long been a driver of improvement in healthcare delivery as a core component of clinical care from diagnostic and monitoring devices to electronic medical records and interventional devices. This transformation is now coming home to where patients live. With the advent of the smartphone followed by high quality consumer connected devices, it is now possible to put powerful medical support in the hands and homes of the majority of patients in the United States.

Connected devices in the home, beginning with the smartphone, make live human expert opinion possible in the form of telemedicine or remote care. These solutions are often incomplete due to limitations of cost and access. While early applications of smart phones and connected devices placed emphasis on applications that provided information or enabled patients to keep diaries of symptoms or connect with wearable activity trackers, there is now a new frontier. A second form of digital intervention is on the horizon and likely to bring greater impact : Digital Therapeutics.

Digital Therapeutics are digital technologies that, in the hands and homes of patients, can improve health outcomes without the cost and access constraints of clinical case management. Revon saw the opportunity to develop low cost, autonomous mobile applications using machine learning to provide on-demand, unlimited support to patients concerned with symptoms and signs of their chronic condition. Through robust algorithms trained by board certified pulmonologists, Revon’s COPD self-triage application can be there with expert opinion as often as a patient wishes and for a much broader group of patients than is possible with telemedicine or traditional case management. Prescribing an “app” (or an Amazon Echo skill) alone or in combination with a medication may sound futuristic to some, but recent changes is FDA policy make clear that Digital Therapies have arrived and will become an essential tool for improved care at lower cost for many chronic conditions. Payers and other risk-bearing entities know that every chronic care patient journey starts with the patient and their ability to recognize and act on changes in symptoms and signs. Revon is the leading software company working to provide patients in those moments the kind of support and guidance that may change the treatment path of that patient for the better.

Our first digital therapeutic, the Smart Symptom Tracker Rx (SSTRx), is currently undergoing the application process at the US FDA and is only available to research sites. The product is undergoing user and clinical testing for COPD, and not available to general public.

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