The Revon platform supports clinical trials at various stages. We can provide:

  • Smart registry services
  • Real world evidence collection
  • Patient reported outcomes tracking
  • Phase IV tracking

We have also integrated with a variety of consumer health devices and frameworks to collect patient outcomes directly from reporting devices.

Revon is at the forefront of ‘beyond the pill’ programs and can be deployed as a digital therapeutic or as part of a combination therapy.


Revon has pioneered the development of artificial intelligence based methods for patient triage at home. Our COPD and Asthma Smart Symptom Tracker tools help patients manage exacerbations and make critical care decisions based on advanced physician trained decision models. Our AI based triage framework can be developed across many indications and patient profiles and scaled to very large user bases. In the coming era of Combination Therapies, we can be your partner as a digital companion to your drug or device in helping achieve better outcomes for patients and better utilization for your therapies.


Revon supports clinical trial execution in multiple ways..

SMART Cohort Development

We establish direct relationships with patients through a pre-registration program so we have a ready cohort of patients available for Phase 3 trials before they are underway. We can track participants in this cohort before the trial so natural history studies can also be run. Patients in these SMART cohorts receive web connected devices to track their measures and our AI based self-triage system to help manage exacerbations of their indications.

Clinical Trials Enrollment

We can enroll patients into Phase 3 trials rapidly by leveraging our SMART cohorts. We can invite a select set of patients from the SMART cohort based on their data history so the enrollments at the research center have much higher success rate. Our model can help significantly speed up trial recruitment and thereby reduce total trial costs. Patients get first-line access to new potential therapies and an effortless enrollment process.


Revon can help you manage the transition to Value Based Reimbursement.  We can run real world studies (‘Phase 0‘) and capture patient reported outcomes for a select set of patients who are using your therapies in the real world. We can help these patients report their experiences and also enable them to better manage their condition using the Smart Symptom Tracker.

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