Revon recognizes the challenges in deploying technology solutions with patient populations. We understand the limitations and struggles that patients deal with every day and how a new technology needs to fit into their life with minimal disruption. The Revon platform was built based on such learning from interactions with real patients and their every day concerns.

In our interactions with patients and their physicians we also learned how important it is for patients to feel an immediate benefit for their effort in logging their health data. In the process, we recognized the need for a tool that allays patient anxiety when they are feeling elevated symptoms. This was the birth of the Smart Symptom Tracker.

The Smart Symptom Tracker* is a Patient Decision Support tool that can help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and also helps ensure patients take appropriate action when they are feeling elevated symptoms. This peace of mind for patients is extremely valuable in many contexts. We recognize the value of this intervention in many chronic health conditions, and by combining our expertise in technology, data science, design and clinical practice, we are developing solutions across chronic health conditions.

If you recognize how patients can feel anxious and need support at home, we can help you solve this problem, whether you are a Payer or Benefits Manager or any bearer of risk for patient outcomes. Get in touch with us and we will partner with you to apply our expertise and platform to your problem.


We work with Benefits Managers to help improve health outcomes for employee populations with Chronic Diseases. We can help improve adherence, reduce unnecessary utilization, avoid unnecessary hospitalization events and improve employee satisfaction. We can also connect employee copay coverage to their clinical experience.

If you are a Benefits Manager, contact us to learn more.


Payers working with Revon can learn more about their patient populations and develop programs to reduce costs while improving outcomes.

If you are a Payer, contact us to learn more.

* The Smart Symptom Tracker is not a therapeutic intervention, like Smart Symptom Tracker Rx, and is publicly available as a Patient Decision Support tool.