Revon was founded by serial healthcare entrepreneurs in biopharma and has grown into a team of data scientists, medical specialists, developers and designers united by a clear mission to enable practical applications of real world medicine. The pharmaceutical industry has come under increasing pressure from patients and advocacy groups, as well as government, to lower the cost of prescription drugs. This combined with a paradigm shift in the FDA’s position towards collecting real world patient outcomes inspired the idea behind Revon.

Today, Revon has developed a data collection platform that integrates mobile technology, Bluetooth connected medical devices and AI learning to enable patients to become more active participants in their health while allowing health plans and payers the ability to investigate how their interventions (pharmaceutical, devices, behavioral or environmental) perform in real world populations. Revon has also engaged with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), their employer clients, health insurance companies, and other risk bearing entities, as well as pharmaceutical companies in need of digital companions to their medications.

Our Team

Gaurav Bazaz
Gaurav was part of Revon’s founding team and employee #1. He helped design and develop the Revon technology platform and played an active role in launching Revon’s products. Before Revon, Gaurav launched two internet startups which served a few thousand small business customers at their peak and also received coverage in national media. Gaurav started his professional career in Private Equity as a financial analyst, before leaving to pursue his passion for building stuff. Gaurav graduated from the Management & Technology program at University of Pennsylvania where he was also a Joseph Wharton Scholar, with degrees in Computer & Telecom engineering from the engineering school and Management from the Wharton School. Before diving into startups, Gaurav imagined himself an almost-made-it soccer player and captained a sports team at Penn.
George Kappel
Chief Software Architect
George Kappel is an experienced and creative problem solver and the hands-on lead software & systems architect for the Revon platform. He brings extensive experience from both startup as well as Fortune 500 perspectives. George attended Allegheny College. When not behind a computer, George enjoys boating with his family.
Rachel Hanna
Director of Patient Outreach
Rachel has lived in Kentucky most of her life and moved to Louisville in 2006. She earned a Biology degree and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Louisville. She worked briefly in patient advocacy before joining Revon in 2014. Rachel has held a variety of of roles at Revon and enjoys working closely with patients to understand how technology can be used to improve their daily lives. After work, she enjoys practicing yoga and has recently discovered she’s a phenomenal cook but would still rather just do the dishes.
Andrew Steen
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Andy is Director of Strategic Partnerships for Revon. During the fifteen years prior to joining Revon, he helped develop numerous health science startups. In that time Andy developed extensive industry relationships. He attended Transylvania University and studied for a JD at the University of Kentucky before earning an MBA from the University of Louisville. A big music fan, Andy can often be heard listening to traditional country or hardcore too loud in his car.

Our Board

Cedric Francois
Dr. Francois is a co-founder of Apellis Pharmaceuticals and also co-founder of Revon Systems. Earlier, Dr. Francois co-founded Potentia Pharmaceuticals, a private biotechnology company. Dr. Francois served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Potentia since 2001. Dr. Francois received his M.D. from the University of Leuven in Belgium and his Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Louisville. Following postgraduate training in pediatric and transplant surgery, Dr. Francois was a member of the research team that performed the first successful hand transplantation and of the Louisville Face Transplant Team, whose work supported hand transplantation in Lyon, France in 2005.
Pascal Deschatelets
Dr. Deschatelets is the Chief Operating Officer of Apellis Pharmaceuticals and also a co-founder of Revon Systems. Prior to founding Apellis, Dr. Deschatelets co-founded Potentia Pharmaceuticals, and was its Chief Operating Officer when the company signed a licensing agreement with Alcon in 2009 for Potentia’s ocular drug development program. Dr. Deschatelets has been engaged in state-of-the-art research in the areas of surface chemistry and organic synthesis for the last 25 years, and was a co-founder of Syntetica Fine Chemicals, a custom chemical synthesis company supporting the pharmaceutical industry. He has extensive experience in nanobiotechnology and in the synthesis of organic molecules and bioconjugates. Dr. Deschatelets received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Montreal and his post-doctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. George Whitesides at Harvard University.
Alec Machiels
Alec Machiels is a Partner at Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., a private equity fund manager. Mr. Machiels is a member of the firm’s Executive and Investment Committee. He has over 15 years of private equity investing and investment banking experience. Previously, Mr. Machiels was a Financial Analyst in the Financial Services Group at Goldman Sachs International in London and in the Private Equity Group at Goldman Sachs and Co. in New York. Investments in which he has been highly involved in include Pure Biofuels, Molycorp Minerals, Traxys, Slipstream Communications, Coffeyville Resources and Merisant Company. He also co-founded and serves as a board member of Potentia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which respectively have drugs in development to treat macular degeneration and rare diseases and COPD. He also served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Federation of Arts where he chaired the endowment committee. Mr. Machiels is a graduate of Harvard Business School, KU Leuven Law School in Belgium and Konstanz University in Germany.


Revon is a proud member of AdvaMed